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Finance Lease

Freedom – Flexible rental patterns and lease periods to match your cash flow

Flexibility – Receive the majority of the sales proceeds if you choose to sell the asset when then lease ends

Less cost – Rentals can typically be offset against profit before taxation

Save costs – Reclaim VAT on rentals

If you want to maximise the use of your equipment without the responsibility of owning it, a finance lease gives you the freedom and flexibility you may need.

Finance lease is designed to give you flexible lease periods that match your cash flow needs. Your rental payments will cover the cost of the asset and you will have full use of the asset for its useful life. You will be responsible for the assets maintenance and insurance.

At the end of the primary term, you can either:

  1. enter into a secondary rental period
  2. choose to sell the asset and receive the majority of the sale price
  3. return it to the finance company